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Technology is Rapidly Transforming the Institution of Education

By Wil Payton

In September we’ll be highlighting the role technology plays in the education sector.

From kindergarten through college, learning is becoming more of a virtual, web-based experience. A recent article highlighted the efforts to expand the telepresence of the Deer River School District in Minnesota. Below is a portion of that article:

In northern Minnesota, new technology will help level the playing field for schools in remote areas, said Matt Grose, chair of the Itasca Area Schools Collaborative and superintendent for the Deer River School District in Deer River, Minn.

The collaborative, which includes 20 schools and 6,000 students, is relying on new video technology to link classrooms with others throughout the region, he said. A $1 million federal grant helped pay for the distance-learning initiative, he said. The telepresence classrooms will be used for foreign language classes and field trips.

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