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South Carolina Businesses Using Broadband Report Higher Annual Revenues than State Averages

By CSC Staff

Broadband is fast becoming the foundation for economic development in America as more and more businesses become reliant on this technology to communicate, transact, and innovate.

But in South Carolina, 23 percent of businesses do not use the Internet, according to the Connect South Carolina Business Technology Assessment of 805 South Carolina businesses in 2010.

Seven out of ten of those businesses say they don’t need the Internet or broadband service, or don’t know why their business doesn’t subscribe. Yet, the Assessment Survey found that South Carolina businesses that use broadband service report having median annual revenues that are $200,000 higher than the state averag
The economic future of communities in South Carolina depends not only on whether robust broadband infrastructure is present but also on whether businesses and individuals fully utilize that technology to grow and develop local economies.
Help us continue to bring broadband to more homes and businesses in South Carolina by getting involved.


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