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Partnership Between Private Business, Public School District Brings Wi-Fi, New Technology to Chester County

By Erin Kleinlein

The Chester County School District announced an exciting and innovative new partnership  this month between the public school district and TruVista Communications, a private telecommunications company.  TruVista Communications, with the support of an anonymous donor, has made a commitment to place free Wi-Fi hotspots, designed to work solely with district-issued devices, in predetermined locations across the entire county.  The Chester County School District is the only rural school district in South Carolina to partner with a private business to ensure high school students and teachers will have Internet access at these hotspot locations. 

Chester County officials believe the contributions of TruVista will significantly impact teaching and learning in the school district, will help transform education in the county, and most importantly, benefit the students of Chester County for years to come.

“This is the beginning of a new day for private business and public education. I am excited about this partnership and all of us at TruVista are anxious to get this network started,” explained President and CEO Brian Singleton, “We think it is time to take it to the next level and participate in the new ‘virtual classroom’ by enabling the quality educational experience that parents and employers expect as well as one that our children deserve.”

The Chester County School District’s 1:1 initiative is known as the hiTEC program, which stands for “Helping Integrate Technology, Education and Careers.”  The district’s goals for hiTEC include:

  • Develop students who are self-directed learners

  • Help students stay organized and on track with school work and graduation

  • Have teachers use real time resources to bring relevant experiences to students

  • Improve communication between teachers, students and parents

  • Transform the teaching and learning environments in Chester County schools

  • Prepare Chester County students for entry into the workforce, higher education, and the military by helping them successfully compete in an ever changing, technology-driven, global economy. 

The hiTEC initiative will place HP Elite tablets in the hands of all district teachers as well as all high school students.  These state-of-the-art tablets will enable students to keep digital notebooks, record teacher lectures, make video presentations, and access the World Wide Web to research information and problem-solve for any subject/any assignment, instantly.

The Chester County School District is comprised of three attendance areas that are comprised of three high schools, a career technology school, three middle schools, and five elementary schools that serve more than 5,500 students and employ almost 700 people.

Teachers will receive the technology this semester and high school students will receive theirs early next semester; in the background, much work has been done to get ready for the deployment of the tablets.  Technology infrastructure has been replaced and updated in district buildings, and teachers have been receiving and will continue to receive training in order to complete the transformation of classrooms.


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