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Internet Impacts College Course Composition

By CSC Staff

Online lectures provide more time for in-class interaction

We just completed a month that focused on education technology but here’s another story that is relevant to the subject:

A growing number of college instructors are now “flipping” their courses by lecturing their students virtually, through audio or video outside of class, and utilizing class time for interactive learning through debate, group work, presenting, or problem solving. This teaching format is just another example of how technology is redeveloping teaching and learning methods in colleges and universities throughout the nation.

Below is a portion of an article in the Star Tribune on this approach to course construction:

“… it just made so much more sense to me to do the simple part outside of class,” said Jason Carlson, a teacher at St. Cloud Technical and Community College in Minnesota. “Then, in the class, that's when we should be working on understanding and applying and reinforcing."

The "flip" format is yet another example of how technology is transforming higher education -- and how universities are striving to set themselves apart from an Internet full of free online lectures.

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