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Education Proposal Includes $29 Million More for Tech in Schools

By Jennifer Cobb

Last week, Governor Haley announced her plan for reforming education in the state of South Carolina with roughly $29.3 million, to add to an existing $10 million, going towards technology in the classroom, specifically to improve schools’ Internet bandwidth and computing devices. An additional $750,000 will go to pay for 10 additional teachers in the state’s Virtual Schools Program.

Governor Haley is also asking to direct $4 million for technology-related professional development for teachers.

The majority of the funding for Governor Haley’s $160 million total education proposal would come from the expected $200 million in new revenue to be earned by the state this year.

The advancements in technology are not limited to gadgets and appliances used by people in daily life, it has reached schools and classrooms to ease the way information is taught by teachers and learned by students. Smartphones, iPads, tablets, Netbooks, and e-readers are increasingly becoming the tools of choice, and through Connect South Carolina’s efforts across the state to get residents, businesses, and even educational institutions connected, we are eager to see the results of the implementation of more technology in the classroom.


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