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Broadband Helps 1.4 Million South Carolina Adults Stay Healthy

By CSC Staff

By Hongqiang Sun, Research Analyst

A new study from Connect South Carolina finds that more than one-half of Internet users (52%) statewide go online to find medical information or communicate with their healthcare professionals.  According to the new study, Broadband: Helping South Carolinians Stay Healthy, approximately 1.4 million adults statewide stay healthier thanks to home broadband service.  In addition, approximately 274,000 South Carolina adults who go online via their cell phones do so to access e-health applications.  E-health usage is not universal, though, and significant differences exist among South Carolina adults of different ages, household incomes, races, and geographic locations.Pie Chart

Yet broadband is making major strides in helping South Carolina’s healthcare sector provide services for residents who may not otherwise have access to quality healthcare. Statewide, more than three out of four South Carolina businesses in the healthcare sector (77%) use broadband for their business processes, and more than half of these businesses (55%) use broadband to stay in touch with their current clients and patients.

Connect South Carolina breaks down this information further in its report, Broadband: Helping South Carolinians Stay Healthy.  To learn more about the state of broadband in South Carolina and how Connect South Carolina is working to bring fast, affordable broadband to everyone across the state, visit our website, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.


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