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Abbeville Community Kickoff Meeting for the Connected Community Engagement Program

By Erin Kleinlein

On June 19, officials and community leaders of Abbeville County and surrounding areas gathered at the Abbeville Community Kickoff Meeting for the Connected Community Engagement Program. Attendees included representatives from the City of Abbeville and the Town of Calhoun Falls. Others present were media, school district IT representatives, economic development representatives, and the County Director. There were also several companies represented from around the community.

Attendees were given the opportunity to discuss the Connect South Carolina engagement goals and objectives for their community specifically.  The outlying communities of Abbeville that do not have fiber to the home broadband availability talked about increased provider participation and extended services.

School representatives focused on advancements in technology and grant opportunities for educational purposes. They also expressed concern regarding inadequate staff to assist with deployment and implementation if new programs were to be funded.

The gathered information will be used to develop a comprehensive technology plan for the Abbeville community.

Congratulations to the Abbeville community for beginning the Connected process!


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