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27% of South Carolina Businesses do not use Broadband

By Wil Payton

Broadband is a powerful, enabling technology that is fast becoming the engine of economic growth in America. Increasingly, businesses seeking to open or expand operations look to see not only whether a community has robust broadband access, but also whether potential workers have digital literacy skills and tools.

The 2010 Connect South Carolina Business Technology Survey finds that while nearly three out of four South Carolina businesses use broadband, some sectors still lag behind in broadband adoption.

Statewide, 73% of all South Carolina businesses subscribe to broadband. This means that approximately 29,000 South Carolina business establishments do not use broadband or benefit from the opportunities it offers.

The High Tech and Professional and Financial sectors lead in broadband adoption, with approximately 17,000 businesses in the Professional & Financial Services sector and 6,000 businesses in the High Tech sector using broadband. On the other extreme, only 64% of businesses in the Healthcare sector use broadband, which means approximately 3,000 Healthcare-related businesses do not subscribe.

Broadband adoption rates in South Carolina mirror those in other Connected Nation states by size and industry sector, with no significant differences between South Carolina businesses and the average for each industry sector and size bracket.

The economic future of communities in South Carolina depends not only upon whether robust broadband infrastructure is present but also upon whether businesses and individuals fully utilize that technology to grow and develop local economies.

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