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Tech Gifts for Valentine's Day 2014

By Jennifer Cobb

Valentine’s Day is just one day away, and if you’re one of those last minute gift-givers, the time is ticking!

Yahoo! created a list of the top ten tech gifts to give on this year’s “Lover’s Holiday” and although the article is geared toward gifts for men, there is sure to be more than a few women who wouldn’t mind at least one of the gifts listed below:

·      Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

·      Blade 350 QX Quadcopter

·      Orb Audio Speaker Systems

·      The Ish Happy Hour Timepiece

·      Polaroid iD820

·      Kensington Proximo Tag Bluetooth Tracker

·      Playstation Vita

·      Meridian Prime Headphone Amp

·      Monoprice MHD Sport WiFi Action Camera

·      Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote

For those who are looking for a tech gift that is a little more feminine, here are a few items that just might work, according to USA Today/Tech Now:

·      QRN20 Love is Forever QR Necklace

·      ShutterBall

·      The LG Pocket Photo Printer

·      Red-and-gold Vintage Love iPad case from DodoCase

·      Studio Wireless headphones

·      Dropcam Wi-Fi video monitoring camera

·      SCVNGR hunt app to create and design a personal scavenger hunt


Happy Valentine’s Day from Connect South Carolina!



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