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South Carolina School Sees the Positive Side of Cell Phones in the Classroom

By Wil Payton

Cell phones have become ubiquitously entrenched in our culture. So it’s no surprise that they are quite common in high schools, middle schools, and are even making their way into elementary schools!

This has obviously created a debate between school officials, who see the phones as disruptive, and parents, who relish the thought of having immediate access to their children.

South Carolina’s Northwestern High School is taking an innovative approach to leveraging the proliferation of cell phones through an engineering course where students use smartphones and an array of web tools to devise solutions for some of the state’s environmental problems.

“It’s a fusion between two former enemies – the teacher and the cell phone,” writes Shawn Cetrone at the Herald Online.  “The Model Classroom encourages the use of the web devices in the classroom, requiring educators to learn how to embrace smart phones and mobile apps in a way that empowers students to explore, experiment and discover solutions to problems.”

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