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South Carolina Providers Submit Expressions of Interest in FCC Rural Broadband Experiment Program

By Connected Nation

A variety of providers in South Carolina have filed Expressions of Interest for the FCC’s Rural Broadband Experiment program including small rural ILECs, CLECs, Fixed Wireless providers, DSL providers, and even a county government group.

Last January, the FCC voted to create the Rural Broadband Experiment program that it hopes will help shape and adjust its Connect America Fund (CAF) broadband subsidy program. These rural broadband experiments mark the first opportunity for providers that are not the incumbent local telephone company in a particular area to receive CAF subsidies to build and operate fixed broadband networks in those areas.

“Expressions of interest” were due at the FCC on March 7, and proposed project scopes in South Carolina tended to narrowly focus on county-level or small regional deployment challenges. Project funding requests range from just $10,000 to as much as $13-$15 million in subsidies. The overall budget for all 19 proposed projects is upward of $262 million.

As discussed in a previous blog post, the FCC solicited the expressions of interest from providers, communities, institutions, and public-private partnerships regarding their ideas and proposals as to how they would utilize CAF subsidies to support broadband infrastructure build-out in unserved areas.

To read Connected Nation’s summary on the filings from South Carolina, please click here.


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