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School Systems Are Developing Creative Partnerships to Fund Broadband Access

By Wil Payton

Minnesota schools are finding that by pooling resources with libraries, partaking in public technology forums and taking advantage of grant programs, they can overcome budget deficits to provide high-speed Internet access in their communities.

The following excerpt, from an article addresses the importance of broadband access for Minnesota schools and other school systems across the country:

Broadband is being used in Minnesota schools for student testing, reports to the state, portals for parents to track their child’s work, and for students to take online classes, according to a December report from the Governor’s Task Force on Broadband. Professional development for teachers is another area where broadband access can reduce costs.

“I think people don’t always realize ... how essential Internet access is to the business of doing education. It’s no longer nice to have,” said Mary Mehsikomer, technology integration development and outreach facilitator for TIES, which is an education technology collaborative.

“It’s just as important as having electricity and water. It’s really become a core component of the whole business of delivering instruction and also managing school districts.”

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