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Mobile Broadband Internet Offers Enhanced Office Options for Business Executives

By Wil Payton

As early as the days when the Ford Model T traveled the roads, businessmen have been a target market for the auto industry. In the new millennium, Howard Becker has targeted a decidedly upscale business clientele by turning cars and vans into luxurious mobile offices.

Technology has significantly impacted how these types of vehicles are built and used. Below is a segment from The New York Times that gives details on the Private Office on the Highway:

In the last year and a half, advances in mobile broadband Internet have “driven business to us in droves,” said Mr. Becker, whose company, Becker Automotive Design in Oxnard, Calif., charges $150,000 to $500,000 for “ultimate mobile productivity machines.”

Faster broadband enables clients to hold back-seat video conferences or download large files. Three-watt signal boosters and roof-mounted cellular antennas improve cellular reception, reducing Internet dead zones.

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