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Mobile Broadband: An Alternative Way to Stay Connected in South Carolina

By CSC Staff

A new study from Connect South Carolina finds that mobile broadband use in South Carolina is soaring. Over one-half of residents age 18 or older (51%) access the Internet via a cell phone or subscribe to mobile wireless service via a laptop or tablet. This represents approximately 1.8 million South Carolina adults who go online via mobile broadband service. And many younger adults age 18-34 and African American residents use mobile broadband as their primary way to access the Internet.

This increase in mobile broadband is only having a slight effect on home broadband usage, according to survey respondents. Only 14% of South Carolina adults who subscribe to both home broadband and mobile broadband on their cell phone said they now use their home broadband service less often.

In addition, mobile service makes broadband accessible to a greater number of South Carolinians. “Mobile broadband usage isn’t just a means to the end of being tethered to a desk and chair,” said Sandy Hanebrink, executive director of the South Carolina non-profit Touch the Future. “In fact, the connotation is much more to individuals with disabilities; it is a way to communicate, to participate in society, to become independent. It is freedom.”

Connect South Carolina discusses this information in depth in its report, Mobile Broadband Helps Bridge the Gap in Internet Utilization across South Carolina. To learn more about the state of broadband in South Carolina and how Connect South Carolina is working to bring fast, affordable broadband to everyone across the state, explore our website, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.



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