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Millions going to Expanding the Internet

By CSC Staff


The state of South Carolina is also benefiting from millions of dollars in funds dedicated to expanding broadband to all residents. Overall, South Carolina has received almost 16 million dollars. Officials say this is a great way for citizens to actually see where the money from the Recovery Act is going and how it is affecting their lives.

The money will be used to expand internet access at 16 state technical colleges in addition to being used elsewhere. The money will also help fund the purchase of more than 2,000 new computers in order to expand 51 public computer centers and create 19 new computer labs. This will allow the number of users to double from 17,000 per week to more than 38,000 users. In short, this will help residents with more opportunities for education and improving job skills. In turn, that can help draw down unemployment numbers as South Carolinians gain new skills and have better ways of finding out about job openings.

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