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It Takes More Than an iPod or iPad to Get The Homework Assignments Done

By Wil Payton

The use of technology is quite prevalent in today’s school systems as policymakers, administrators, and citizens embrace the concept of digitally enhanced curriculums.

More and more these days, educators are coming up with innovative ways to provide students with digital devices needed to make this transition and to transcend the digital divide.

But sometimes a device is not enough. A recently published article in eSchool News highlighted the challenge in the following extract:

“The digital divide is not because students lack devices,” said Ocoee Middle School Principal Sharyn Gabriel, who in October equipped each of her students still learning English with take-home iPod touches to help them master the language. “The digital divide stems from the lack of Wi-Fi.”

A 2011 Connected Nation survey, conducted across multiple states and territories, indicated that nationwide, in households with annual incomes below $25,000 with children present, approximately 5.5 million do not subscribe to home broadband service.

Additionally, the research shows that this demographic group has an adoption rate that is significantly lower than the national average and that this group is far more likely to cite “affordability” and “cost” as reasons for not having broadband or a computer.

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