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iPads are a valued tool in the special education classroom

By Wil Payton

iPads are rapidly become the tech tool of choice in special education classrooms. These devices provide versatility for students who might find pen and paper, or even a computer mouse, challenging due to motor skills impairments. Additionally, they can help remove the stigma typically associated with being a special education student.

Tablets provide a level of privacy for students whose reading levels may vary significantly. Below is an excerpt from a Washington Post article that shows how significantly privacy impacts the learning environment:

“If you’re in high school and you’re reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid because that’s what you can read, and I’m reading Pride and Prejudice because that’s what I can read, it would be embarrassing, if we were both sitting there with our hard-covered books,” said Jennifer Durham, the elementary curriculum coordinator at the Lab School of Washington, DC, a private school for students with learning disabilities.

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