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How Can Broadband Help Your Small Business?

By Erin Kleinlein


Broadband is becoming an increasingly popular tool for businesses in the world today, but many small businesses feel it is unnecessary, too costly, or too complicated for their operations. Many improvements for a small business can come from simple mobile broadband or a limited data package. Those looking to expand their businesses or make life a little easier should consider the following benefits of having broadband for a small business.


  • You have a mobile office- your work can go anywhere you need to go!

This is an important aspect for just about any business, but can be especially useful in industries of construction, sales, and other fields where traveling is abundant.


  • According to our research in 2012, broadband-connected businesses bring in approximately $300,000 more on average in annual median revenues than non-broadband adopting businesses.

For a small monthly fee, broadband can help expand your business or simply make processes more efficient and effective.


  • More vacation time!

Who wouldn’t enjoy an extra day or even an extra week of vacation time in a year? With broadband speeds constantly increasing, your precious time is saved, allowing you to take care of business in a shorter amount of time. Also, with mobile broadband you are able to check on your work from a distance, making sure your company is doing well while giving you a longer holiday.


  • “Knowledge leads to success”

With broadband access for your small business, unlimited information can be yours with the click of a mouse. Internet access can be useful for business tasks ranging from converting measurements to training employees and beyond.


  • Money, money, money.

Having broadband allows you to access and apply for government loans, private funding, and other sources of much-needed capital.  Along with funding, the Internet provides an opportunity to take on many of the business’s tasks for yourself that you may have had to seek external help for. This can save you both time and money!


Although broadband may not be right for every business, it is sure to have a positive impact on most. There are several resources to assist with transition to broadband including online digital training, customer support services, and specific programs for your business’s needs. Good luck with your future small business endeavors!


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