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Connect South Carolina Works With the Original Six Foundation

By Erin Kleinlein

Connect South Carolina is working with the Original Six Foundation of South Carolina, an organization founded by Governor Nikki Haley that functions as a resource to build bridges now to a better quality of life tomorrow for current and future residents of the state of South Carolina.

The Mission of The Original Six Foundation is to serve as a catalyst for change by uniting public, private, and civic leaders and resources to identify and address the challenging issues facing South Carolina’s communities with the purpose of leaving the communities feeling empowered and positively impacted.

Initially, Connect South Carolina formed a partnership with the Original Six Foundation to help provide Lexmark printers to use for executive, administrative, and other purposes. Many of the printers are being held as the organization plans for future programs and initiatives to make an impact in communities with needs for these supplies.

Connect South Carolina has recently been included in the leadership list to join in conversations with the counties that the Original Six Foundation is working with. This close relationship will allow Connect South Carolina to discuss technology plans with communities and meet with stakeholders of the organization. These early connections will help with the Connected Communities Engagement Program by making team building and community champion identification easier.

Connect South Carolina plans to continue the mutual relationship with the Original Six Foundation to help communities in South Carolina solve challenging issues through the use of technology and Internet. Programs such as Every Community Online, which provides online digital skills training courses, could prove to be a valuable resource for community development.


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