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Broadband: Making Women-Owned Businesses a Better Place to Work

By CSC Staff

From Hongqiang Sun:

A new study from Connect South Carolina finds that 70% of women-owned businesses are connected through broadband. While the adoption rate is lower compared to other privately-held businesses in South Carolina, those broadband-connected businesses actually use broadband for a wider variety of online applications.

More than four out of five women-owned South Carolina businesses that use broadband (82%) go online to communicate with their customers, while more than two-thirds of these businesses (68%) advertise their wares using broadband. To make it easier for their employees to remain productive when they are away from the office, more than one-third of women-owned businesses that use broadband (36%) provide their employees with the necessary equipment or maintain a virtual network that allows them to work remotely.

These online tools result in increased revenue: women-owned businesses that sell their products online earn more than $244,000 annually from online sales on average.

You can view the report here: Making an Impact: Technology Use Among Women-Owned Businesses in South Carolina.

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