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Broadband Adoption in South Carolina is rising!

By Jennifer Cobb

During the latter part of 2012, 1,200 residents in the state of South Carolina were surveyed on broadband adoption, and data from their surveys shows that the adoption rate has increased almost 10% to 66% (or 2.4 million), up from 57% a year earlier.

“We couldn’t be more excited to see South Carolina’s broadband adoption rate jump by almost ten percent since 2011,” said Connect South Carolina Stakeholder Relations Manager Corey Johns. “With approximately 329,000 more South Carolina residents now taking advantage of the potentially life-changing opportunities enabled through high-speed Internet access, this news validates the ongoing efforts to increase broadband access, adoption, and use across South Carolina.” 

Additional findings from the survey:

  • Mobile broadband usage is soaring in South Carolina.  More than one-half of South Carolina adults go online using their cell phones or mobile devices, and young adults (age 18-34) are more likely to use the Internet on their cell phones than they are to have home broadband service.
  • Nearly two-thirds of rural Internet users (65%) with annual household incomes less than $25,000 use the Internet to search for or apply for jobs.
  • 14% of rural residents access the Internet via mobile device only; significantly higher than the non-rural population.

And although the jump in the rate of adoption has increased, there are still 1.2 million residents who do not want or have access to high-speed Internet for various reasons. As technology in the classroom has increased across the nation, in South Carolina, approximately 263,000 children live without broadband service at home.  For many of these families, cost is the biggest hurdle to overcome - 21% of households with children say the price of a computer is too expensive, and 17% cite the monthly cost of broadband service as a barrier.

To explore the report, click here.


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