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5 Technologies to watch in 2013

By Jennifer Cobb

2012 saw many new gadgets released from the iPhone 5 to the Samsung Galaxy S III, iPad Mini, Wii U, and PlayStation Vita, but what about new technologies?

A variety of new technologies were also introduced to the masses but what do you know about wireless charging, 3-D printing, the stylus, Leap 3-D, or the Nook? You’ve probably heard about them and no doubt seen them in stores. Get ready to learn and see more.

The five mentioned above and detailed below are the ones to watch for 2013!

     1. Wireless charging: around five million devices using wireless charging were sold in 2012, but numbers are expected to be closer to 100 million in the coming two to three years.

     2. 3-D Printing: using digital technology, this low cost option is used in jewelry, footwear, architecture, automotive, education, and many more fields.

     3. The stylus: hate the film your fingertips leave on your iPhone or iPad? Millions of people around the world do too, that is why the idea of the stylus is gaining traction.

     4. Leap 3-D:  Familiar with Kinect? Some say it will be better.

     5. The Nook: Tablets are “in” while e-readers and e-books are suffering. Look for a new marketing and advertising push to get the Nook (Barnes & Noble) back in the mix. 


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