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Telework and Corporate Culture

By Wil Payton

The challenges of implementing telework policies Thirty-two percent of federal workers are eligible to telework according to an Office of Personnel Management (OPM) report on the Status of Telework in the Federal Government. However, less than 25 percent actually exercise this option. The OPM report emphasizes that “telework can make employees more efficient, more accountable, and more resilient in emergency conditions...” Telework programs offer a significant life-enhancement component as well. Take the economic and environmental impact on individuals far removed from the nation’s capital as an example. A Connect Minnesota Telework report...

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The Great Rural America Paradox

By Connected Nation

When you think of rural America, do you see scenic settings and strong communities that are growing because of the small town support structures of family, friends, and neighbors? Across our nation, people look to rural living as a throwback to simpler times, but unfortunately the idealized version of rural America that we've created in our minds is often quite different than the reality. Rural America is struggling economically, and in many places, stands on the wrong side of the digital divide. Bob Stallman, President of the American Farm Bureau and member of the Connected Nation board, has addressed the problem in a recent article he...

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